Epic books for kids

Follow Twinky the Pug on a fantastic journey in this epic book for kids. Illustrated with premium high-quality HD images, this story is filled with adventure and excitement while also teaching some valuable lessons. On Twinky’s expedition, you will meet many exciting and memorable characters.

Twinky’s hero’s journey will lead her through many different settings and lands, with several obstacles to overcome. This wondrous story makes for a fun read, both as a kids reading book and for adults to read to their children or classroom.

Kids reading books

We all want kids to read more books. Imagination is a fundamental learning tool. Imagination helps us all overcome obstacles in our lives that require complex problem-solving. Fueling our brains with fun stories and experience helps us exercise our creativity. Encourage your child’s creative thoughts and mental agility.

The story for kids

Marvelous, unique, and quirky characters are the heart and soul of all great stories. Meet Birdy the Bluejay, a cool-headed, smooth-talking guy with southern charm. His small stature doesn’t hold him back from being brave and upbeat. His optimism and can-do attitude will make him a friend for life!

Encourage Kids To Read

The love of reading can and should begin for children in their earliest days and continue throughout their years in school and into their adult lives. Becoming a confident and robust reader is necessary, no matter what path a child’s life takes. Literacy is as essential to a growing child as nutrition, exercise, fresh air, and loving home. Developing a lifelong love of reading is a foundation for success in school and happiness in life.

The vital importance of literacy is a central underlying theme in the film WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN.” Daisy, one of the children in the film, wants to be a veterinarian. When asked how she got the idea, Daisy answers, “Because I read books.” That simple, beautiful statement sums up how crucial the ability to read. Taking pleasure in reading is for everyone.

When children become good readers in the early grades, they are more likely to become better learners throughout their school years. Learning to read is hard work for children. Fortunately, research is now available that suggests how to give each child a good start in reading.

Preschool and kindergarten teachers set the stage for your child to learn to read with some critical early skills. First, second, and third-grade teachers then take up building the skills that children will use every day for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you can help by understanding what teachers are teaching and asking questions about your child’s progress and the classroom reading program. You can also help your children become readers. Learning to read takes practice, more practice than children get during the school day.

The National Institute for Literacy

The National Institute for Literacy, an independent federal organization, supports the development of the high-quality state, regional, and national literacy services to develop the literacy skills they need to succeed at work, at home, and in the community. The National Institute for Literacy administers The Partnership for Reading and other programs that promote child and adult literacy. For more information about NIFL and reading, visit https://lincs.ed.gov.